Promoting Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children in Europe”
“Promuovere l’affido familiare per minori non accompagnati in Europa”

The general goal of the project is to build social services’ capacity and awareness to promote a high quality system supporting foster families for unaccompanied minors, UAM’s.

The reception of UAMS concerns most countries in Europe. Increasingly, EU Member States are affected by flows of migrant children who travel from one country to another, not only for family reunification purposes, but looking for better living conditions. This, more than other phenomena, has a transnational impact and require mutual trust among Member States to improve cross-border cooperation. Children leave because of different reasons – depending on the specific situation of their country of origin and on their personal migration journey – including length of asylum processes and family reunification procedures, inappropriate living conditions and the unrealistic expectations, often resulting from instructed received by their families, to build careers quickly and start sending money back home as soon as possible.

Credits: the clip is taken by “In This World” (2002), a British docudrama directed by Michael Winterbottom. The film follows two young Afghan refugees, Jamal Udin Torabi and Enayatullah, as they leave a refugee camp in Pakistan for a better life in London. Since their journey is illegal, it is fraught with danger, and they must use back-channels, bribes, and smugglers to achieve their goal. The film won the Golden Bear prize at the 2003 Berlin International Film Festival.






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