The core of the project is represented by the awareness raising of the potentially available foster families. Only a cultural change will make possible any effective intervention in this area.

The awareness campaign will be realized in order to reach a large part of the population of the territories involved, which have been identified because of the high registered presence of UAMs.


In November 2018 Municipality of Florence launched the Profuce awareness raising; the radio broadcasting campaign lasted 15 days and the radio station “Controradio” broadcasted 90 announcements plus 2 interviews. The campaing, specifically focused on the promotion of foster care for UAMs, was launched after the he initiative known as “Month of the familiar foster care” (in Italian “mese dell’affido familiare”). The podcast of the interviews and announcements can be found on the webpage of Municipality of Florence (in italian only).

On the 10th of October, the foster care Center of the municipality of Florence organized an information day on the theme of family foster care for unaccompanied foreign minors as part of the initiatives planned for the month of foster care.


Villaggio SOS Vicenza organised a three-days course to raise awareness among people of the concept of foster care, legislative framework and procedural steps. These orientation meetings were arranged on the 13th, 20th and 27th of February and were publicised by internet, radio and flyers.

On the 7th of September, in the park of SOS Children’s Villages Vicenza, was held the final event with the participation of families who took part at the uam’s foster care training. The afternoon had the purpose to make a point on the strong and weak points of the training.


In order to increase the number of families interested, METAdrasi NGO routinely organizes special orientation meetings where the candidates are informed in detail about the concept of foster care, the legislative framework and all the procedural steps. Therefore the main “Call-to-action” is targeting potential foster parents to attend these meetings.

The basic means used for promoting Foster Care Project are METAdrasi’s website, METAdrasi’s Facebook page, tweets on Twitter account, Google Ads, newspaper articles and TV shows on national TV.

On the 4th October the final event for the families reached by the awareness raising campaign was held in Athens by Metadrasi.


The communication campaign to raise foster parents for unaccompanied migrant children and foster care in general for these children took place between 25 February and 25 March 2019. Traditional community channels were used – social networks (NFCA Facebook page), local TV stations, local radio, as well as the broadcasting of the video on national television in the morning primetime. Thanks to all activities, the campaign’s messages reached 142,000 people in the three regions through the Internet channels, 212,848 citizens – through TV communication in one regional TV and 1 national TV, 28,173 – by broadcasting radio spots. The achieved audience data is based on regional media profiles and received by the media agency. 250 posters printed in state structures, social services, and child protection departments have been printed. 12 information meetings with foster parents were held to promote foster care for unaccompanied migrant children. The PROFUCE initiative is being implemented by the National Foster Care Association with the support of the European Commission. All materials are available at

Following the awareness campaign the NFCA held three local events in  Haskovo (03-09), Slive (12-09) and Sofia (20-09) to present the results of the project with foster families and professionals interested.